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Sustainable bags

As a retailer, do you want to contribute to a better environment? Then choose to have sustainable bags printed in your corporate style. Sustainable bags are made of environmentally friendly materials. Moreover: sustainable bags also look very stylish, so your customers will gladly reuse them. So you increase your visibility on the street. Good for you, better for the planet!

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Types of sustainable bags

  • Paper eco bags made of paper pulp or FSC® paper
  • Paper bags made of grass paper or agricultural waste
  • Canvas bags made of 100% recycled cotton
  • Shopper bag made from recycled PET bottles

Sustainable bag printing

With the exception of paper bags, we print almost all sustainable bags in PMS screen printing. This means we can apply your logo or print to your fabric bag in up to 6 colours, without bleed. We print paper bags using full-colour offset or flexo printing, depending on the quantity and type of print.

Sustainable materials

Sustainability can be in the type of material or in the extent to which a bag can be reused. A truly sustainable eco bag does both: made of durable materials that last a long time and minimise environmental impact during its production and degradation. Sustainable materials:

  • recycled cotton/canvas
  • FSC® certified (recycled) paper
  • grass paper or paper from agricultural waste
  • Recycled PET
  • Finishing

We produce sustainable bags in various formats and different finishes. For smaller runs, we offer your sustainable bags in a number of standard formats. If you go for larger runs, we can produce your sustainable bag completely custom-made, in the size and design you require.

Ordering sustainable bags

Contact us or request a quote to discuss your options.

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