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Sustainability and quality are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the impact of packaging materials on the environment and therefore take responsibility by producing as sustainably as possible. We do this by only working with production partners who share our goals and by encouraging our customers to make sustainable(er) choices. Our mission: working together to ensure that sustainable carrier bags and (shipping) packaging become the standard for the entire retail sector.

Sustainable production

Together with our production partners, we strive to use renewable or recyclable raw materials as much as possible. This involves using raw materials as efficiently as possible by minimising and – if possible – reusing residual materials. We hold a number of certificates that underline our aim to produce printed bags and packaging in the most environmentally friendly way possible:


RetailBags is FSC®-certified. The international independent Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) label ensures that raw materials for wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests. We aim to source 100% of the paper and cardboard coming from outside the EU as FSC®-certified.


We have been committed to sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing for years. These efforts have earned us a golden EcoVadis medal in 2024, which we are proud of. Through our participation in the EcoVadis programme, we give our customers insight into our sustainability and corporate social responsibility performance. This transparency contributes to risk management and challenges us to keep improving.

Trees for All

To mark Earth Day, Trees for All plants trees every year in the Netherlands and Borneo on behalf of several companies, including RetailBags. This way, we contribute to offsetting the CO2 emissions released during the production of our printed carrier bags and packaging.

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The production of our carrier bags and packaging takes place worldwide. To this end, we cooperate with partners who – like us – strive for a sustainable production process. If technically and economically possible, we always opt for production within Europe. For logistics, we work together with a number of regular carriers, including HST in Enschede. They have a Lean & Green Star. This is a CO2 reduction programme that encourages companies to reduce their environmental burden. Finally, we plan transport as efficiently as possible, so that only full trucks go on the road.


What can you do?

To work together to ensure that sustainable bags and packaging become the standard in the retail sector, we also need your help. By choosing sustainable carrier bags and (shipping) packaging, you reduce your company’s ecological footprint. For example, choose our sustainable carrier bags made of grass paper, reusable canvas bags or FSC®-certified shipping bags. We also have more sustainable alternatives for plastic bags, such as plastic bags made of recycled plastic (up to 80% recycled for strength). We are happy to think along with you on this. Take a look at our sustainable bags and packaging.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities or request a quote? Feel free to contact us.