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Do you really want to give your customers something unique? Then get shoppers printed with your logo. Shopper bags, or big shoppers, are sturdy, strong and spacious. Moreover, the bags are reusable, which increases your visibility on the street. RetailBags offers various non-woven bags, shopping shoppers and canvas bags that we can print with your logo or in your corporate identity.

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Types of shopper bags

When you give your client a beautiful reusable shopper bag with your logo, it really feels like a gift. At RetailBags, we print the following shopper bags:

  • Non-woven screen printing
  • Non-woven laminate
  • Digitally printed tote bag
  • Shopping bag
  • Canvas bags

From inexpensive shoppers to luxury full-colour printed bags – everything is possible. We will gladly think along with you about which shopper best suits your needs and customer base.

Printing big shopper bags

When you get shopper bags printed with your logo or in your corporate identity, you increase your visibility on the street. At RetailBags, we use different printing techniques:

The non-woven screen-printed shopper is available in various standard colours and can be screen-printed in up to 4 PMS colours. Very suitable for printing a logo or piece of text. This bag cannot be printed in full-colour. This is the most economical option for shopper printing, as no printing plate is required.

The non-woven laminated bag is available in several standard colours and can be printed in full-colour. We use the flexo technique, which requires a printing plate. We keep the printing plate for three years for reorders.

The digitally printed shopper can be printed all-over and full-colour digitally. No printing plate is required for this, saving you costs. The inside of the bag is laminated, the outside is not (this is also not possible).

The shopping bag is a PP-woven bag (PP stands for polypropylene). It is extremely strong and can be printed full-colour and all-over using the flexo technique. Ideally suited for groceries and other heavy products.

We can also print a canvas bag with your logo or in your house style. Our canvas bags are available in different thicknesses (up to 400 gsm canvas) and colours – from natural cotton to bright yellow. We use screen printing for printing.

Shopper materials

Handing out a printed shopper is a great way to improve the customer experience in your shop. The reusable shoppers are available in different materials…:

  • Non-woven screen printed: 75-100 grams PP non-woven, machine or hand stitched, with or without bottom
  • Non-woven laminate: 80-160 grams non-woven with matt or gloss laminate, machine or hand-stitched
  • Digitally printed shopper: 140g non-woven with laminate on the inside
  • Shopping bag: 100-160g PP woven, also available in recycled PET material.
  • Canvas bags: 120-190 gsm cotton or 200-f400 gsm canvas

The material the shopper is made of determines its carrying capacity. We will be happy to advise you on which shopper is most suitable for your products and requirements.

Finishing shopper bags

The finishing determines the look of your shopper. Every shopper bag in our range can be finished in different ways to suit your needs. You can choose between long or short handles, in different materials and colours. For the side piping, too, there are various options in colours and finishes.

For the shopping shoppers, you can choose a matt finish or a luxury glossy finish. Our canvas bags can be fully custom-made and printed. Finally, our digital shoppers have laminate on the inside, making them ideally suited for florists.

Ordering shopper bags

Would you like a big shopper printed in your house style or with your logo? At RetailBags, we supply printed shopper bags as of 500 pieces. Delivery time for most types of shopper bags is 6-8 weeks.

Would you like to know more about getting big shoppers printed? Or are you interested in unprinted shopper bags? Then contact us without obligation.

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