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Cooler bags

The cooler bag is an insulated bag for keeping dairy, meat and frozen foods cool. Equipped with plastic handles and fully customized and printed. Request a free quote now.

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Cooler bags

Retailers in food and supermarkets make extensive use of cooler bags. But the insulated bag is also doing well for promotional purposes, due to its reusable features. The cooler bag has a plastic rim and handles with which the bag can be tightly closed to ensure optimal insulation.

Printing cooler bags

We print cooler bags in any colours and with any image you’d like using flex printing, a printing technique that performs well on plastic and flexible materials. Are you looking for standard cooler bags without print? Please visit our webshop.

Cooler bag options

Cooler bags are made of LDPE film, a thermoplastic known for its insulating features. The inside is provided with extra insulation foam, so that outside temperatures cannot penetrate the contents. Cooler bags can be manufactured in any desired size. We customize cooling bags from 1000 pieces.

Order cooler bags

Would you like to order cooler bags with logo or print? Or do you need more information on our cooler bags? Call 035 – 6218420 or request a quote and click the red button.


Insulated cooler bags
Metalized LDPE laminated with BOPP
2mm insulation foam lining
Flex printing
Plastic handles
Up to 7 kg
3000 pieces
4 weeks

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