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Preparing for the EUDR

RetailBags prepares for EUDR

At RetailBags, we are fully committed to sustainability and quality, core values that we apply to every aspect of our production and delivery of custom packaging. We are actively preparing for the upcoming European regulations on deforestation, the EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulation).

  • RetailBags and the EUDR
  • Background of the EUDR
  • Impact of the EUDR on RetailBags
  • Development Information System European Commision
  • Benefits of EUDR compliance for our relations
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RetailBags and the EUDR

RetailBags, the trade name of API Caropack Europe BV, is a family-owned company that has been providing custom packaging and carrier bags to the retail sector since 2004. We believe that unique packaging or (carrying) bags can add value to a product, which is why we specialize in creating solutions that reinforce our clients’ brand identity.

Sustainability and quality are key for us. We understand the impact of packaging materials on the environment and take responsibility to produce as sustainably as possible. We do this by working with manufacturing partners who share our goals and by encouraging customers to make sustainable choices.

In light of the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), we will further strengthen our commitment to sustainability. We ensure that our packaging meets the highest quality and sustainability standards, including compliance with EUDR regulations. Our mission is to work together to build a future where sustainable promotional packaging is the standard for the entire retail sector.

Background of the EUDR

The European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is a regulation introduced to limit the import of products that contribute to deforestation. This regulation, adopted in 2023, requires companies importing certain raw materials and products into the EU to follow strict due diligence procedures. This means that companies are required to thoroughly examine their supply chains and be able to demonstrate that their products do not come from areas that have been deforested (Regulation on Deforestation-free Products, n.d., para. Background).

The EUDR targets a range of products related to deforestation, including soy, coffee, cocoa, palm oil, timber, rubber and beef, as well as products derived from them such as leather, furniture and chocolate. For companies in the packaging sector, such as RetailBags, the regulations are especially important when importing paper, which is often obtained from wood (Nature, P. B., n.d.).

Designed to support the global fight against deforestation and climate change, this legislation forces companies to make their supply chains transparent and effectively manage risks (Regulation on Deforestation-free Products, n.d., para. Background).

EUDR grondstoffen

Impact of the EUDR on RetailBags

As an importer of paper packaging, among other products, RetailBags is directly subject to the rules of the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). These regulations require us to be able to provide accurate information about the origin of our paper and prove that our products do not come from deforested areas. This does not only apply to paper bags and (shipping) packaging, but also for other custom solutions we offer such as, for example luxury gift packaging.

We see the EUDR regulations as an important additional step in our sustainable mission. Although we are expected to comply with the EUDR legislation by December 30, 2024, we are already busy gathering the necessary information to achieve full transparency and comply with the EUDR.

We are now investigating the following data:

  1. Geo-locations: We accurately map the geo-locations (polygon) of raw materials used throughout the supply chain.
  2. Due diligence statement: We issue a due diligence statement describing all raw material sourcing locations.

We research the above information together with our established production partners, with whom we have worked reliably for many years. Thanks to these long-standing relationships, this process runs smoothly. We regularly visit our partners to ensure compliance with our high standards.

Our customers can rest assured that we are working hard to be fully compliant with the requirements of the EUDR by December 30, 2024, and that they will receive compliant packaging solutions.

Development Information System European Commision

To facilitate compliance with the EUDR, the European Commission is developing an IT system, the Information System. This system contains the due diligence statements that companies and traders must submit to meet regulatory requirements. When exactly this system will be ready for use is not yet clear.

The European Commission is expected to offer a training environment and “train-the-trainers” sessions to all interested companies in the summer of 2024, in cooperation with member state authorities. This allows stakeholders, such as RetailBags, to become familiar with the system early on (Deforestation Regulation Implementation, n.d.).

The European Commission will also make available manuals, self-studies and other relevant learning materials, such as video tutorials. We are closely following further developments of these trainings.

Benefits of EUDR compliance for our relations

At RetailBags, we strive to provide EUDR compliant packaging solutions that help our clients achieve their sustainable goals and strengthen their brand. Once we have gathered all the necessary information and are compliant with EUDR legislation, this will provide a number of benefits to our relations:

  1. Sustainability and transparency: By partnering with RetailBags, relations can be confident that their packaging will come from sustainable and responsible sources as of December 30, 2024, when the new EUDR legislation takes effect. Although we are already FSC® certified, compliance with the EUDR will provide additional transparency. We map the geo-locations of raw materials used. This helps our relationships achieve their own sustainability goals, which are increasingly important to consumers.
  2. Brand reinforcement: With packaging that meets strict sustainability standards, customers can promote their brand as environmentally conscious and socially responsible in this area. This creates a positive reputation and sets them apart from competitors who are less transparent about their supply chain.
  3. Certainty and confidence: We are working hard to comply with the upcoming EUDR regulations, which provides our clients with certainty and confidence. They know they will receive high-quality products that meet the highest quality standards and EUDR regulations.
  4. Support: We will keep relations informed of our progress in complying with the EUDR through our blog and LinkedIn. This ensures that they are well informed about the steps we are taking to ensure compliance with the new regulations. In addition, we offer our relations a reliable supplier who is and remains abreast of current and new sustainability legislation.

In short, by choosing RetailBags as a partner, associates gain access to sustainable packaging that is well aligned with their brand strategy and compliant with future EUDR legislation.

Feel free to contact us for clarification, guidance or to discuss how our packaging solutions can align with your sustainable goals.


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