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Printed canvas bags

Eco bags are gaining in popularity. Not only do we all feel the responsibility for a better world, with the new legislation on plastic bags the retailer is forced to look for alternatives. Fortunately, eco bags match today’s fashion trends very well. Moreover, retailers understand that textile carrier bags contribute to brand awareness, because of their frequent and versatile use.

Fabrics or canvas bags

Eco bags earn their label thanks to the sustainable materials from which they are made. Paper eco bags are made of pulp paper or FCS certified paper. With eco bags made of textiles, such as canvas shopper bags and jute bags, their durability is mainly due to the fact that they are washable and therefore endlessly reusable.

Canvas bags in the retail sector

Fashion retailers opt for eco bags like paper and textile bags. Paper bags are also widely used by gift shops, while supermarkets are increasingly offering jute shoppers. At trade fairs and events, bags made of sustainable materials are becoming more and more popular.

Canvas bags Printing

Eco bags can be printed with your logo or an illustration from as little as 250 pieces. You can also contact us for the very large volumes. We often print the paper eco bag with screen printing or offset, we print canvas and cotton bags with screen printing.

Tailor-made canvas bags

Retailbags offers different types of eco bags for different uses and different industries. You can choose from various models, sizes and materials. Are you looking for a specific design? We can also produce your environmentally friendly bags fully customized to your needs and wants.

Order printed canvas bags

Would you like to know more about our eco bags or place an order? Please contact our specialists. Call 035 – 6218420 or request an online quotation.



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